Get the most out of your internet with MantaWeb browser.
A fully functioning dual window web browser that will let you compare and view two pages at once. MantaWeb provides a service that no other browser has; the ability to view both windows and control their visibility.
Listen to music on YouTube, browse another page at the same time. This application makes it easy for anyone to compare pages and notes. MantaWeb focuses on browsing speed as well as functionality. Make MantaWeb your main or secondary browser today and make your life that much easier.

Even though you have a browser already, you shouldn’t limit yourself. MantaWeb takes little space and operates on speed to give you the option of dual browsing that other browsers fail to do. Sure, it doesn’t have fancy extensions but it does what is promised. Your freedom to compare 2 webpages side by side will no longer go unheard.

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  • Client: Android
  • Date: July 1, 2016